14 Ft MarcroAir HVLS Industrial Fan, similar to Big Ass Fan

Preparing Your Building For Summer Heat - HVLS Fans and Industrial Fans

Spring Maintenance - Industrial Fans and HVLS Fans

Spring is a great time to perform annual maintenance on most all air moving equipment used for building comfort ( hvls fans, directional fans, mobile fans, exhaust fans, supply fans).  Now is the best time to identify issues that may result in essential comfort systems failing when they are needed the most. Remember, summer is the peak season for parts, service and new products.

Most industrial grade fans made by leading USA fan manufacturers require limited ongoing maintenance.  Maintenance details are usually accessible in the installation/operation manuals that accompany the equipment when shipped.  If you no longer have access to those materials, the information should be available on the manufacturer’s website.

Maintenance Tips For HVLS Fans and Industrial Fans  

There are actions you should consider even if your industrial fans require no specific maintenance.  These simple steps can make a big difference:

  • Inspect all visible bolts, welds, safety cables, guy wires and mounting points.  Ensure bolts are torqued to specification and show no signs of corrosion or loosening. Make sure safety cables are still properly routed and secured. Guy wires should be taut, secure and in good condition.  Make sure there are no obvious changes or issues with major mounting points (Upper mounts attaching the fan to the building, middle and lower points attaching to fan motor and/or housing).
  • Inspect all wiring connections.  Make sure all connectors are properly connected and locked.  Moderately tug on each connection to ensure it is adequately secured.  Inspect all exposed wiring for visual damage.
  • Inspect blades and blade connection points.  Make sure blades are securely attached.  Visually inspect each blade and connecting points for cracks or other abnormalities.  Clean each blade using a soft cloth, removing dust and any excessive build up.  Do not use any detergents or cleaners.
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