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Maxx Air 24 in. (2ft) Mobile Drum Fan

Maxx Air 24 in. (2ft) Mobile Drum Fan

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Max Air 24 inch (2 ft) Mobile Drum Fan - FREE SHIPPING

Versatile enough to withstand tough working conditions in industrial settings and warehouses as well as offer a refreshing breeze in a garage, basement, or workshop. This fan is also a perfect fit for construction jobs and can aid in drying out water-damaged areas or speeding the curing process of concrete, tile and drywall! Our heavy-duty steel housing is powder-coated in a vibrant yellow and is ideal for indoor usage. Ships completely assembled and includes snap-on wheels to easily pull your unit to your desired location. Customize your cooling needs by choosing between high or low speed settings, and take advantage of 180° of tilt angle to push air where it's needed.

Size (Diameter): 2 ft (24 inches)

Drive System: Heavy Duty 1/4 hp Direct Drive Motor

Input Voltage: 110 - 120 Volts

Warranty: 1 Year

Installation: Easy, Do it Yourself 

CFM Output: 4,000 CFM


Ceiling Height Requirements:

Max Air 24 Inch Mobile Drum Fan = All ceiling heights  

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