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Maxx Air 48in (4ft) Mobile Drum Fan | Barrel Fan | Mobile Fan

Maxx Air 48in (4ft) Mobile Drum Fan | Barrel Fan | Mobile Fan

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Max Air 48 inch (4ft) Mobile Drum Fan | Barrel Fan - FREE SHIPPING

Our 48 In. Barrel Fans will fulfill large indoor ventilation needs, working on the factory floor to keep people and machines cool, help dry water-damaged areas, speed up the curing process of concrete or tile projects on the construction site, or keep athletes comfortable in a gym space. This model arrives to you fully assembled and features a unique polyethylene housing that will stand up to hard use without sustaining the dents and dings a steel housing may encounter. Belt-driven with angled struts for added durability and non-skid positioning legs for a quieter operation and low vibration no matter if you're operating at hi or low speed. Transporting your unit from location to location is easily accomplished with the pre-installed handles and 9 in. wheels.

Size (Diameter): 48 inches | (4ft)

Housing Materials: Industrial Grade Polyethylene

Drive System: Motor with belt drive

Input Voltage: 110 - 120 Volts

Warranty: 2 Year

Installation: Easy, Do it Yourself 

CFM Output: 18,000 CFM

Ceiling Height Requirements:

Max Air 48 Inch Mobile Drum Fan = All ceiling heights  

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