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Maxx Air 36 inch Single Speed Evaporative Cooler | 2,600 sq.ft. Coverage

Maxx Air 36 inch Single Speed Evaporative Cooler | 2,600 sq.ft. Coverage

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 Maxx Air 36 inch Single Speed Evaporative Cooler | 2600 Sq. Ft


The Maxx Air 36 In. Evaporative Cooler is designed for indoor industrial and commercial applications where AC cooling isn't feasible, including shops, factories and warehouses, barns, outdoor entertainment venues and sporting events. Constructed using a durable polyethylene housing with heavy-duty aluminum fan blades, this fan is built to resist wear and tear and is built using an energy-efficient motor and pump to remain wallet-friendly throughout it's operational life. Our 36 in. model arrives fully assembled and can be moved to your desired location with ease using the built-in casters. Experience a lowered ambient temperature in spaces up to 2,600 sq. ft. by as much as 26°F without air conditioning. Connect to a direct water line or use the available 10 gallon reservoir for independent usage.

Size (Diameter): 36 inches

Drive System: Direct Drive Motor | Single Speed

Input Voltage: 110 - 120 Volts

Warranty: 1 Year

Installation: Easy, Do it Yourself 

CFM Output: 9,700 CFM

Installation and Operation Manual


Ceiling Height Requirements:

Max Air 36 inch Evaporative Cooler = All ceiling heights  

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