SkyBlade Miniprop Fan | Do It Yourself Install | 6ft | 8ft |

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The Miniprop HVLS Fan from Skyblade is the perfect balance between affordability and versatility.  This is a serious air mover with bragging rights! Each Miniprop is equipped with an IP65 rated direct drive, ECM motor (no gearbox needed) and integrated vfd motor controller.   With a sound rating of <35 dBa, you will enjoy nothing but quiet breezes throughout your space. 

Available Sizes (Diameter): 6ft | 8ft

Number of Blades: 3

Drive System: DC Direct Drive Motor (No Gearbox)

Input Voltage: 110 - 120 volts (Pre-wired wall plug)

Warranty: 1 Years (Parts Only)

Installation: Easy, Do-It-Yourself

Product Specification Documents


Ceiling Height Requirements

8ft Diameter Fan = 12ft Ceiling or Higher

6ft Diameter Fan = 12ft Ceiling or Higher